Current Work-in-Progress?

  • The Pilgrim and The Prophet. A thriller about an apocalyptic preacher who takes over a sleepy midwestern city to exact a moral cleansing splitting both the residents, two lovers, and American democracy against itself.

Where did you get your idea for this first novel?

  • I attended a haunted house that ended up being something else. It was terrifying in ways that don’t require masks or capes.

Will you come and talk at my school/bookstore/nuclear bunker?

  • Maybe not. Probably. Go to my contact page to find out.

What is the order of your novels?

  • The Pilgrim and The Prophet is my first novel.
  • I have 3-4 other novels outlined requiring some research and obsessing.

When/where were you born?

  • I will answer only in person and at night while I watch you sleep.

Advice for future writers?

  • By now you have googled, tweeted, and pillaged various writing books. Find your creative pulse and write the next book you want to read. Bathe in your atrocities. For every time you are eviscerated by how bad your writing is and feel the fingertips of failure slither into your soul know every writer is there with you. We are all in misery unified by a symphony of the written word. Be brave, bold, and make the words immortal.

Will you ever write another Zeebo Dawson novel?

  • Given this series does not exist I’m happy to write another. I picture Zeebo crawling out of a bleeding trunk in the midnight hour of Cleveland, Ohio. The new Zeebo novel will be how he escapes the wrath of parking tickets. No I’m serious it is going to be a John Grisham-styled thriller in which for 450 pages you get to experience a full traffic court docket. Spoiler alert Zeebo’s case is dismissed when he solves the ancient riddle of the urinal cake on the 4th floor men’s bathroom.

Do you cry at sunsets?

  • Sure, aren’t we all just snowflakes in a volcanic space-time prison sentenced to death? One time I was typing on my laptop and I heard a grunt from my closet. I turned to see it and…